Manufacturing Unit

Shiva Granito Export Ltd. has installed different manufacturing units of following capacities:

Quartz Slab Manufacturing Plant

Shiva Export Co. has installed a Quartz Slab Manufacturing Unit of annual capacity around 2.5 million sq. ft. of different colours and sizes. The thickness of the slabs can be from 10 mm to 30 mm. The Manufacturing Unit is highly energy efficient having high end automated machines which can manufacture quartz slabs of supreme quality. With controlled manufacturing process , the finished quartz slabs can be supplied in very large quantities with controlled, quality-assured features, such as consistency in weight, thickness and compactness and uniform design and colour of the exposed surface. The Design Team carefully researched market to offer an outstanding collection of exciting colours most suitable for the production of vast colour range of quartz surface.

Resin Manufacturing

Shiva Export Co. has installed a Resin Manufacturing Unit with the annual capacity of around 4,000 MT of different grades like PET, General Purpose, Marble Grade etc. The Manufacturing Unit is fully automatic in which different equipments of the plant like the motors, valves etc. can be controlled by a central console unit. The Manufacturing Unit also has good capacity storage tanks of the raw materials and the finished products which helps in the fulfillment of bulk orders. The Manufacturing unit is close to the ports of Gujarat on the Golden Quadrilateral by which all the raw materials and finished goods can be transported to various places around the world. With a team of highly qualified engineers who has decades of experience in the field, all the manufactured products are of international standards.

Quartz Powder Manufacturing

Shiva Export Co. has installed a fully automated Quartz Powder Manufacturing Unit with the annual capacity of around 10,000 MT of different Mesh sizes. The Manufacturing Unit is a modernized unit having all the supporting unit like crusher, belt conveyer, loader, etc. with an un interrupted power supply by also having a generator. The Manufacturing Unit installed is at the strategic location with a close access to many quartz quarries so that it ensures a continuous supply of raw material with very good quality which ensures that the final product is of top notch standards.

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